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Yana Budnitsky
Dear Client,

Once again, welcome to “The Essence of Health & Beauty,” Illluminari’s new, monthly eNewsletter designed to keep you up to date with the latest beauty news and tips.

This month we’re focused on body sculpting without surgery. Read on to learn more about Hollywood’s hottest new treatment, CoolSculpting®, and how Juvederm™ and Ultherapy should also be on your list to get rid of lines or resculpt your profile. In addition, if mascara irritates your eyes, or you just want to look awesome, we recommend you consider eyelash extensions as a good alternative Read more below.

Last, but not least, Valentine’s Day is almost here so please take advantage of our great savings and specials.

Please call us at (818) 707-7240 to schedule your next appointment. I’m looking forward to seeing you.

Dr. Yana Budnitsky

Spotlight on Body Sculpting Without Surgery

Pinching Leg
Body sculpting has been around for a long time. Both men and women have sought out plastic surgeons to shape their bodies for decades. And, although you could conceivably undergo body sculpting during your lunch hour and be heading back in an hour with zero downtime, it is no longer necessary to go under the knife for body sculpting. Instead, …


Valentine's Day Specials

GET A FACIAL SPECIAL WITH SHARON OR SHERILYN - Buy 1 Facial and Get 1 FREE - a savings of $150. Buy 4 Facials and Get 2 FREE - a savings of $300.

VOLLURE™SPECIAL - Buy 1 syringe of Vollure™ for $599 and save $126. Buy 2 syringes of Vollure™ for $1175 and save $275. Vollure™ is the first and only hyaluronic acid dermal filler approved for …

Read on for more great specials and savings...

Eyelash Extensions Instead of Mascara

eyelash extensions Illuminari MedSpa Agoura Hill
Many women, especially as they get older, find that mascara and other types of eye makeup irritate their eyes. Some irritation could be attributed to allergies, but not all the time. So, what do you do? You can suffer and deal with the bloodshot eyeballs or you can consider an alternative to mascara, eyelash extensions. What are Eyelash Extensions? Eyelash …